Google Code-in and Sugar Labs

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Ziyao Zhang Dec 30, 2016

Google Code-in is a programming competition aimed to introduce more pre-college students into the wonderful world of open source software development. Every year Google invites a bunch of organizations to give tasks to pre-college students who are interested in information technologies. A link to GCI can be found here.

In fact, I just found out about this competition this morning! Unfortunately, I have already missed about a month of this 1.5-month-long competition. In other words, I only approximately one-third of the time to do the contest compared to other participants who knew this competition before it has started. Therefore, the chances of me earning any reward are quite slim.

Nevertheless, I still chose to join Google Code-in because it seems fun. I have been writing code on my own for a few years, but I haven’t written any code for large open source projects before. Google Code-in gives me the chance to do so.

Sugarlabs is one of the organizations that have agreed to participate in Google Code-in 2016. They focus on making tools that help people learn. I chose to try out their tasks because the languages I am most familiar with (javascript, html, and python) happened to be the same as the ones they use. I am pretty optimistic about this contest. Not only do I get to improve my coding skills but also make software that can help other people learn. Sounds good.