A New Start

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Ziyao Zhang Dec 11, 2016

I have been wanting to host a blog myself for a long time. All of my tech savvy friends have one. However, I just didn’t find time to do it. Schoolwork was pretty intense for me. Finally, today on Dec.11.2016, after completing Huikao (a Chinese exam required for future high school graduates), I have some breathing space on my time table to write my first blog post!

Right now, this blog is only in English, but I may create a section that is written in Chinese. After all, most of the people who will read this blog are likely just the lads from my school.

Currently, this blog is running on a server hosted by Vultr in Singapore. The connection speed is quite excellent compared to other VPS providers and other locations offered by Vultr. It took me a long time to settle down on this service provider because choosing a server that has a reliable connection to mainland China is HARD. Anyway, I’m happy with what have right now. I am also running shadowsocks (a tunneling server) on my VPS to help me get around the Great Fire Wall.